Using your cover template file

The template file has been designed to meet the specific format of your project. Layouts, guides, margins, footer, headers must not be moved.

Blue Guides (Bleed)

You will want your background cover image to cover the entirety of this area. Any important images or Title text should NOT be in this area. Bleeding or margins may be trimmed so background images ONLY should extend to entirety of this area!


Grey Guides (Margins)

The Grey area is outside the permissible area. Put whatever text or image(s) you want featured on your cover within the center area and rest easy that it will not be trimmed.

How to use your BabalonBOOK™ Cover image template file:

Step 1. Open the Cover image template using the image-editing program of your choice.

Step 2.  Make sure NOT to move the template layer. Lock the template layer if possible.

Step 3. Paste the image(s) you want, re-sizing and placing them until you are satisfied with the result. Remember NOT to move the template layer. This is a WYSIWIG (What You See Is What You Get) system, which means your cover will end up looking like your template so make sure you are happy with it!

Step 4. Make sure to keep important text and images out of the grey and blue areas as well.

Step 5. Turn off the visibility of the PNG Cover image template layer.

Step 6. Save your file as a PNG or JPG.

Step 7.  Upload the cover images into your customer account on